Javid Askerov

Want to javascript ?

# About

Hello. I am a web developer. Twenty four years old. I live in Baku, Azerbaijan.

If you're interested in tech, I create web apps. For now I use Nodejs with Exrpress on the server, Mongo for the database, and React w/redux on the client.

Additional things about me, I like to read and learn things. Currently, I am on a quest to learn guitar.

# Portfolio

→ TimeTracker App ←

Cool app to keep track of your tasks and time.

→ Tic Tac Toe ←

Can you beat the machine?

→ Pomodoro Clock ←

Time to hit the pomodoro clock and focus!

→ Markdown Previewer ←

Let's see how your markdown looks realtime.

→ Simon Game ←

Wanna train your memory with a game?

# Contact

If you want to discuss some project or just ask me something you can email me:

askerovlab at gmail.com